Hey folks,

Welcome to Talk To Me Tuesday!  The question of the day is: "I really enjoy eggs, is there a vegan alternative that I can try?"

To my knowledge the closest alternative you could try is tofu scramble.  This is a common item used in many vegan restaurants to mimic eggs in taste, look and consistency- scrambled only.  There is no other alternative that I personally know of if you enjoy your eggs, over easy, poached, boiled etc.  I have had tofu scramble a few times and depending on where you go, it can do the trick.  I have not had it in a while because I'm no longer into tofu and I don't miss eggs in my diet (I too, used to enjoy them).  If you type in "tofu scramble" in a search engine, it will yield you may results and recipes on how you can make this at home for yourself.

For baking purposes, there are several methods you can try to replace eggs and get great results.  For a list of those, click here.  I personally use Ener-G Egg Replacer if I'm making a recipe that calls for eggs.

So, if you try tofu scramble and it's not your thing, you may just have to find another love if you are making the switch to a vegan lifestyle.  Once you discover the huge variety of other foods to enjoy, I guarantee you won't miss them at the breakfast (or dinner) table! :-)