Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Talk To Me Tuesday!!  I thought it would be great to give you an update on how I'm doing so far with the Mike's 21 Day Challenge! I told you I would be doing so periodically and I decided to do so today because my mother and Moody both just asked the other day how I was doing with it.  Well, my mom really asked why I was doing "the raw thing" as she called it..LOL! So, Mom, Moody and everyone here is the deal!

I'm currently on day 6 and it's going great so far!  To refresh everyone, I decided to kick processed foods and eat 50% raw for the 21 days.  I can say that so far it's amazing what I've noticed by making this small change about my eating habits and cravings.  As I said, on the regular I try my best to not eat a lot of processed food, but I still do eat it.  By processed I'm really mostly speaking of breads, crackers, cookies, chips etc. snack type foods that are best in moderation if you are going to eat them, vegan or not.  I also usually take packaged oatmeal with me to work as one of my meals and sometimes a Luna Bar or I'll take crackers and hummus.  Now, I'm not suggesting that any of that is bad, but I am saying that by eliminating those things it has made me increase my intake of fruit and veggies.  So instead of oatmeal, I have my green smoothie in the morning and for all my snacks so far it's been fruit.  For lunch I eat a salad with the "dressing" recipe I blogged about last week and then dinner is my cooked meal of the day.

I have noticed at times when I feel a craving for any of the above, by feeding my body fruit or sometimes just drinking water that is all my body really wants because once I do, the sensation for the piece of toast, or chips and salsa is completely diminished.  This way of eating also has me drinking much more water because as I said many times when I grab something throughout the day, it's really thirst calling, not hunger as I've also mentioned here before.  I also noticed how much food is associated with what we think and habits that we have created.  For example, the weekends is usually when I do indulge a little more, by going to brunch or hitting up a spot where I can get a vegan baked good.  So when the weekend came, I had to really adjust my thinking about that practice since I couldn't do it, but I just kept it moving!

Whenever you switch up your eating lifestyle in any capacity, it's amazing what you discover.  I highly recommend that you all at some point, change something pertaining to your eating habits and pay close attention to your body and your mind during that time.   The bottom line is I really felt good before, but feel even better and this journey in life is all about evolving and seeing how much more we can grow right?  Now, I'm not saying that I will never again have a baked good or a samosa at an Indian restaurant after the 21 days, but I do know I intend to do more of what I'm currently doing.  Again, my goal is to be the healthiest I can be for myself and the best example to others!  Are down with me?..I hope so! :-)