THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO...THURSDAYS- Vegan Challenge Day 1- (2nd Participant)

Hey folks,

Welcome to The Truth According To..Thursday!!  I am SO pleased to be bringing you the "truth" of my long time friend John Moody!  He has takent the vegan plunge and is now my second participant!!  I am so excited about this!  I look forward to so many more of you out there doing the same!  As you will see, much like Mike, he is a real jokester! :-)

He mentions in the video that I told him to stay away from alcohol during the seven days.  This is merely a suggestion because I think people will get the most out of the challenge as it pertains to overall health by eating and drinking as cleanly as possible.  There are plenty of vegans that do consume alcohol, I happen to not be one of them.  I'll probably do a post on this in the near future.  Anyway, I am going to send Moody some more food ideas (since there aren't enough on this blog- enter sarcasm here) so that he can get the most out of his challenge.  I'll find some quick and easy ideas to forward to him again from previous posts and from the internet.  In any event, I'm more that pleased to see him going forward with this.  Stay tuned to see how he makes out!


  1. I'm looking forward to the next video. :)

  2. I love skeptics! In his words,"I probable won't become vegan after this". Usually those are the ones that convert. I can't wait to see how he fairs in this challenge. I give him props for rising up and doing it. Can't wait to see the next video!

  3. HA!! That was great! Had me rolling! Very entertaining! I sure wish him well. Hope he can keep his sense of humor. Hope he has a bleeper for all the profanity that's probably coming as he tries to cope. I'll be cheering for him! - Donna

  4. Hello Anise1203! I know, he is being very premature..I can't wait to hear what he has to say in the end and what he'll end up doing going forward...thanks for watching!

  5. Hey Donna!

    Yes, he is quite the comedian..I'm sure he'll keep his sense of humor. That is how he is all the time..LOL! I'll be cheering also!


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