Hey folks,

It's time to get over the hump with Whatever Wednesday! 

I bought some roasted sushi nori sheets from the store today in order to make up some homemade veggie rolls to take to lunch with me tomorrow.  This is a quick and easy meal to make and you don't have to be a pro to do this.  If you have the fancy sushi rolling equipment that's fine, but if not, you can still make it work! I just lay my sheets out, cut them up, lay on the veggies and hand roll them.  I will roll mine with avocado, carrots, cucumber and brown rice. This is just one combination of many you can think up!  I decided to do a little researching to also share a few health benefits of seaweed to get you further in the mood..Check out the following from hubpages.com!

Health Benefits of Seaweeds (aka Kelp) :

Corrects mineral deficiencies.

A good protective food, valuable in overcoming poor digestion, preventing and overcoming goiter (because it is the richest source of iodine), and rebuilding and maintaining the proper function of all glands.

Reported to aid in brain development.

Offsets deficiencies of an inferior diet.

Kelp helps prevent osteoporosis.

Beneficial for those suffering from impotence, anemia and emaciation.

Helps to detoxify the body.

Helps to increase metabolism.

May help in controlling obesity because it dissolves fatty wastes through the skin.

Even more reasons to love sushi!