Hey folks,

Happy Physical Fitness Friday to you! I hope you are all ready to cruise into a great weekend.  I know I usually try to introduce some sort of physical activity to try on this day, but I wanted to put a little reminder out there instead.  I was having a conversation earlier about how much your diet plays a role in achieving physical results.  Whether it be more defined triceps, washboard abs or any other aesthetic goal you desire for yourself, your diet plays the largest role in attaining the results you seek.  I remember years ago, when a friend brought this to my attention.  I would spend so much time at the gym and I was satisfied for the most part with what I saw, but certain changes I desired I was just not seeing.  She said to me that changing my dietary habits is what was in order to really see changes in my body.

Over the years, I have heard this sentiment echoed so many times and it is SO true!  I've always heard that 80% of changing your body comes from your diet.  There are times when I can go for a while without a regular workout routine daily, due to many things going on in my life, however my vegan diet helps me to maintain even if I miss a few workouts a week.  Eating the best foods that you possibly can will make the biggest difference in what you see in the mirror.  You can go to the gym everyday, buy every piece of fitness equipment you can get your hands on, but if you don't feed your body the right things, you may not see the same results of those pushing those products on informercials.  Obtaining and maintaining a healthy body requires discipline, consistency and patience.  Make all the time you spend exercising truly count, don't throw trash in a temple. Always honor and respect your body, you only get one, make yours the best it can be..and looking and feeling good naked is an added bonus too! :-) Make it count folks!