Hey folks,

The truth comes from yours truly today! Another quick update about where I am with the 21 Day Challenge.  I'm in the home stretch now, my 21 days will be over next Wednesday.  Things are still going well, but I must admit I haven't been taking my own advice about proper planning.  This week has been particularly busy and I have been on the go like crazy and my eating has unfortunately suffered because of it.

So, there were a few times when I did want to grab a Luna Bar or something like that when I was on the go, but I didn't.  This 21 days has definitely proven the emotional tie to food without a doubt, I have found that when I'm most busy or when things are going on emotionally, I seem to crave carbs mostly.  It's been very good for me to not be able to give my body those things, to train it to respond differently.  It may be saying I want some chips and salsa but I give it fruit instead with the intention that the next time a situation arises, the good stuff will be what I always crave.  It's always so amazing and insightful to me when I change a habit regarding my diet, I always learn so much.  As I mentioned in my last update, I encourage you all to challenge yourselves as well!