Hey folks,

I'm traveling and Internet challenged at the moment so this will be short and sweet! You all know I'm not a fan of blogging from my phone- but thank goodness I have this option! Anyway, since I was on the plane traveling for work it got me thinking again about planning ahead to save you bucks and your diet! It's always best especially if you are in fact living the veg life to always pack nutritious snacks to take with you for flights. It sure beats the little snacks often received on flights and the overpriced airport selections. You can always pack fruit, trail mix, bars etc to keep you satisfied in flight! You could even prepare a sandwich at home to wrap up to take with you. Also, do research about the area you will be in to see what stores and restaurants cater to vegans- you are sure to find some places to check out, this is another piece of planning ahead! So, there are always options for you- the key is to be savvy and smart!