Happy Physical Fitness Friday folks!

Today's physical activity of choice is Thai Chi.  This is one form of exercise that I've never practiced but have been intrigued to learn more about, so I did and here is what I found!


Tai chi is often referred to as "meditation in motion" because it promotes serenity through gentle movements which connect the mind and body. It was originally developed in ancient China for self-defense, however tai chi transformed into a graceful form of exercise that's now used for stress reduction and to assist with a variety of other health conditions.

There are more than 100 possible movements and positions with tai chi, many named for animals or nature. All forms of tai chi include rhythmic patterns of movement that are coordinated with breathing to help achieve a sense of inner calm. The concentration required for tai chi forces you to live in the present moment, putting aside distressing thoughts.

Reasons to practice tai chi:

Low-impact and gentle movements put minimal stress on your muscles and joints.

Low risk of injury.

You can do it anywhere, anytime.

Requires very little space and no special clothing or equipment.

You can go at your own pace.

It's noncompetitive.
It can be done in groups or by yourself.
Lots of movements to keep you interested, and as you become more seasoned you can add those to your routine.

Wow..I feel relaxed and calm about some thai chi everyone?!