Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Talk To Me Tuesdays!  I've been getting some questions lately about drinking alcohol as a vegan.  I do not drink alcohol myself, but this is just a personal choice for me having nothing to do with my vegan status.  As far as I knew up until now, it was fine to drink any type of alcohol if you're living the veg life.  However, I just came across a site that says that all alcohol is not created!  Today's question deals specifically with wine, check out what I found out!

Many wines are made using animal-derived ingredients to assist in the processing. The ingredients in the main are filtered out of the wine before it is sold but the use of animal ingredients in the creation of the wine makes them a non-vegan product. Usually the ingredients are used as processing aids to help remove solid impurities such as grape skins, stems, pips and to remove the yeast used in the fermentation process or to adjust the tannin levels in certain wines.

The most common animal ingredients used in wine making are isinglass - pure form of gelatine from sturgeon fish bladders, gelatine-extract from boiled cow's or pig's hooves and sinews, egg whites and casein-a milk protein.  Wow..who knew?!

But do not fret folks- to see a list of vegan friendly wines, click here.  So, if you are into wine, you can be vegan and still enjoy.  You just need to do your homework and pick the right ones! Hopefully this gives you a running start! As always be responsible!