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Happy Friday!  Today's activity of choice is another intriguing one to me.  When I was contemplating today's topic, this very activity came in my mind for some reason.  So, let's find out some of the health benefits of fencing!


Fencing is a one-on-one competition with a sword. The three official fencing weapons are the foil, epee and sabre. The foil is a light thrusting sword, the epee is a heavy thrusting sword and the sabre is a light cutting and thrusting weapon.

Fencing is an aerobic exercise because it requires participants to move quickly and constantly throughout training and matches.  Fencing requires participants to aim carefully at a moving target.  Alot like dancing or martial arts, fencing moves requires precision and strength. Fencing increases athletes strength, flexibility and coordination.

Check out for more information on fencing and to get resources on how you can try it out!



  1. True Fencing can be a good alternative to the aerobic exercise as it involves constant movement of hands and legs.

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    Thank you so much for reading and your comment! Very good to know, I look forward to trying this activity one day!


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