Hey folks,

Welcome to Physical Fitness Friday!  I'm definitely ready for the weekend and hope you all are as well.  I decided today to check out the physical benefits of golfing. I know golf is a very popular sport so I wanted to know how golf does the body good.  See below for a little of what I found out!

Golf can be good for your health and the heart. Walking an average course for a round of golf can be as much as four kilometres. Walking 18 holes three to five times a week, will get you an optimal amount of endurance exercise for your heart. Pulling or carrying our clubs will help you burn even more calories each round and benefit even more.

Playing golf regularly helps you:

Stay fit

Improve muscle tone and endurance

Lose weight and body fat

Other benefits

It's also a great way to:

Be a great way to keep in touch with friends

Assist in reducing stress (as a result of the physical activity and also due to the pleasure of walking in an open and pleasant environment)

Provide opportunities to meet new people

Help develop a sense of community connectedness
So, it looks like golf can help you inside and out!