Hey folks!

Happy Friday to you! I'm so very glad the weekend is here!  I will be doing a combination of working and relaxing.  One other thing I'll be doing for sure is my workouts! The weather is going to be gorgeous in LA this weekend, so I think I'll take advantage by doing at least one outdoor workout. 

Anyway, enough about me, today's post is about tightening up the mid-section!  Abs are often the challenge area for many and there is usually a lot of talk about the best exercises to get the six pack ab look that many desire.  One thing I think most people forget is that diet is a HUGE part of achieving this goal.  It is nearly impossible to really tighten up and get chiseled abs if you aren't eating a clean diet.  So, you must keep this in mind. 

Secondly, there are tons of exercises out there to do to target this area.  The link below from is an article about the top 10 most effective ab exercises.  Now of course you may do a google search or see an informercial touting different opinions, but most of the ones listed in this article are pretty universal and many of them I do myself and think are great.  I know summertime is coming and it will be time to take out the swimwear so people are getting motivated to get the body in shape.  However, it's important to remember that exercise should be a top priority for ALL seasons, not just one!