Hey folks,

Happy Physical Fitness Friday!  I'm SO ready for the weekend.  Today's physical fitness activity of choice was inspired by a conversation some co-workers were having yesterday about taking swing dancing classes.  It sounds like SO much fun to me so I had to check into the benefits of this type of dance.


Swing dancing burns around 260 calories per hour.  An evening of swing dancing can get your heart rate up to aerobic levels meaning great benefits for your heart. The fast paced dance get your cardiovascular system pumping.
Phil Martin of California State University have devoted more than 20 years into the study of the physical benefits of dancing. His studies concluded that a man of average built can burn 300 to 800 calories an hour, while a woman on average burned 200 to 400 calories while swing dancing. Additionally, one of his studies concluded that swing dancers had their pulse up to 60% of their maximum heart rate. This proves they were exerting enough effort to attain an aerobic benefit.
Another benefit is that a powerful workout will let your body produce endorphins-also known as "happy hormones." These hormones will minimize you're pain and will let you feel great.  Swing dancing lessons also help expand your social circle and boost your confidence when interacting with others.

So swing dancing can help you burn calories AND is a great social activity-it's good for your heart and your soul.  So find yourself a class and a partner and hit the dance floor!