Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Savory Sundays!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I'm currently in St. George, Utah for a work meeting/training and yesterday they had a bbq for us.  They made sure to be VERY accommodating to my vegan needs, which I appreciate so much.  One of the menu items was baked potatoes.  I was asked what I like on my baked potato because "surely I don't like it dry" (as I was told..LOL). 

Anyway, she was right and for all of you that feel you won't be able to give up your loaded potato as a vegan..fear not!  You can still load your potato with the toppings you like but vegan style.  You just have to be creative and inventive.  Of course, you can use earth balance (vegan buttery spread), vegan sour cream which you can find at most places, scallions, shredded daiya (vegan) cheese etc.  So, if potatoes are on the menu and you want them loaded style, head over to the store and try the vegan alternatives to your favorites and I promise it will satisfiy just the same! So, load 'em up and enjoy!