Hey folks,

Welcome to Talk to Me Tuesday! One question I get quite often that I don't think I've addressed is- "Is there anything you miss eating as a vegan?"

Well folks, I hate to break it to you, but there really isn't anything I can pinpoint that I miss eating as a vegan because there are TONS of alternatives to most of my pre-vegan favorites available.  As I always say, when choosing to live the vegan lifestyle, you have to think about what you will gain- not miss. 

The great thing is discovering so many other foods that you may not have tried before becoming vegan.  There are so many recipes and great foods I've eaten out using such a wide array of grains and different types of fruits and veggies that I didn't partake in before living the veg life.  There is a world of great, healthy and delicious food out there sans animal products and I don't ever feel deprived or that I'm missing anything.

Yes, of course, I may talk about certain restaurants or types of foods that I enjoyed before becoming vegan, but it hasn't been from the standpoint of missing it or wishing I could try it again.  So, there you have it, I'm not pining after my pre-vegan favorites..I'm more than satisfied with my vegan ones! :-)