Hey folks,

I hope everyone is having a good hump day!  I am more than thrilled and honored that Wellsphere has chosen me as one of their bloggers to cover the FitBloggin' conference this year in Baltimore, MD.   I can't wait for this exciting conference and for those of you who are interested in attending, please click here.  The conference is only one month away but it's not too late to register!  It is sure to be a great conference, full of fun, fitness, education and networking with other health minded individuals and I can't wait to take part!

Also, if you haven't already, please be sure to check out Wellsphere.  They are a superb online community that provides a wealth of information to help you live a healthy life.  I am a part of their health blogger network and find their information and resources invaluable.  So please check them out by clicking here.

There are so many ways to stay informed, motivated and healthy..from blogs, to online communities to health conferences.  It's all out there for you, so go get it! :-)