The second annual FitBloggin' conference returned to Baltimore this year May 20th-21st!

It was two days of being surrounded with fit and fabulous bloggers from across the country! I arrived late Thursday, so I unfortunately missed the welcome mixer and name tag decoration festivities. On Friday, the official start day, I arrived to the hotel (as I was staying a few blocks away at the Renaissance the first night) just after the 5k around the harbor was wrapping up. 

Here is Roni Noone (the event organizer extraordinaire) talking a bit about the conference...

I proceeded to the registration desk to check in and the first item I was given a Poken, a very cool device.  It came loaded with my name, e-mail address and twitter information.  So, when I met up with other participants and we wanted to exchange information, all we had to do was touch our Pokens and voila! our information was exchanged!  How easy is that?!

I then picked up my great swag bag (some really generous sponsors) that came equipped with some New Balance toning sneakers (are you kidding me?!)  I headed to the breakfast sponsored by Attune Foods who led the first panel discussion I attended that morning.  

Attune Foods Panel
After breakfast, I sat in on another panel discussion led by the folks at New Balance and gained some very interesting information about shoe technology.  I learned how important it is to choose the proper shoes for your workouts and it definitely varies.  The rest of the first part of the morning was filled with different physical activities to choose from.  I decided to just watch the Zumba class since I had already decided to do some Trampoline Fitness later on in the morning.  However, Zumba looked like a blast and a great workout and I heard those sentiments echoed by those who did participate.  Check out the following clip!

So, as I said, I wanted to get my bounce on and try out some trampoline fitness.  This definitely wasn't reminiscent of a childhood backyard jumping session!  This workout was NO joke and kicked my bouncin' behind, but I felt GREAT afterwards and was glad I took the class!  I was so happy it was lunch time when I was finished!  The following videos give you a look inside the class and the benefits of trampoline fitness!

Lunch was great and got a chance to meet some more great people and a "bragging session" took place while we were eating AKA stand up if you choose to and let everyone know how fabulous you are AKA what have you accomplished that you feel good about and want to share with everyone!  It was great hearing what everyone had to share (I even participated).  It was a wonderful lunch and so nice to be surrounded by supportive and like-minded group of people.  The rest of the afternoon I sat in on some more informative sessions about blogging from several aspects and the keynote panel wrapped up the day!

Saturday was filled with more great panel discussions and networking with other bloggers.  The day ended with the keynote presentation led by Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy who were very entertaining and informative.  The conference seemed to be a good mixture of seasoned and novice fit bloggers which made it a very well rounded event in my opinion.  I found it to be very well organized and all of the event staff (miraculously including Roni) to be helpful and accessible.  I met several people who attened last year which speaks volumes.  I was also told that last year's conference was only one day, so that too demonstrates how much growth has obviously taken place.  I look forward to attending again next year and would highly urge anyone reading to do the same! I thought the conference was a perfect blend of activities and information and I was thoroughly happy and satisfied and I was not the only one...

I look forward to being back next year, I hope to see you there also!


Panel Discussion with Andrea Metcalf, Karla Walsh, Kelly A. Olexa, and Liz Neporent

FitBloggers in between sessions

Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy

and one final one opportunities you can take advantage of with Zumba!



  1. Looks like you had a great time and learned a lot. I'm sure you will pass on the knowledge you gained.

  2. I did have a wonderful time and I certainly will! Thanks for reading!

  3. Great to meet you at Fitbloggin! Love your recap ... I need to remember to take more pics and even video at events.


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