Hey folks,

I'm talking about eating Jackfruit folks! LOL!  I was recently at a Vegan/Vegetarian Indian restaurant here in L.A. and one of their offerings was curried jackfruit.  I opted for another dish that day, but I have sampled it before at another restaurant and found it to be pretty tasty.  However, since I'm not familiar with the jackfruit story, I had to do some digging to find out the deal!  Let's take a closer look!


Jackfruit is very large and prickly on the outside, closely resembling durian.  When it is cracked open, you will find pods or "bulbs".  The bulbs which are frequently referred to as the seeds are a fleshy covering for the true pits or seeds, these are dark and round like chesnuts.  The fleshy part can be eaten as is or cut up and cooked.  When it is a green color, it is uripe and the texture is similiar to chicken.  This explains why it is used often as a meat subsitute as in the dish I mentioned above.  I agree from trying it before that it does have a meaty consistency for sure. 

You can buy jackfruit frozen, dried or canned in brine which is usually unripe or in syrup which is ripe and sweet.  If you are using it fresh, it helps to oil your knife and hands before cutting because it is sticky.

Jackfruit packs a very nutritional punch as well.  It contains numerous vitamins and minerals.  The antioxidants, phytonutrients and isoflavones give it cancer-fighting properties.  It is also said to aid in the curing of indigestion and ulcers.

So, if you've never been jacked up, don't you think it's about time?!

SOURCE: thaifood.about.com