Happy Monday Everyone!

I snagged June's issue of Natural Awakenings while I was out today.  I love when I find this free publication because it has so many great articles and information about natural and holistic living and ways to be more "eco-friendly"!  Every issue of the magazine is a "green" issue because it is printed on recycled newspaper with soy-based ink!  Okay, now that I've given you the background of the magazine, I'll now get into the subject of today's post that I came across in this month's issue!

There is an article by Renee Loux that discusses what foods to eat for ageless beauty (guy's stop rolling your eyes because you can benefit too)!  One of the foods she mentions is avocados.  If you've been reading this blog for a while you know that I love avocados, so this is music to my ears..LOL!  They contain omega-3 fatty acids which support flexible and healty cell membranes and contain many antioxidant and inflammatory compounds to repair and renew skin tissue just to name a couple. 

Renee shares a great recipe on her site to make a masque using avocado. To check it out and her awesome site in general, please click here!  So many ways to be healthy on the inside and out!