Hey folks,

I thought the title would get your attention! LOL! I recently tweeted that I'm now looking for guest bloggers and some more folks to interview here.  I have already gotten some responses from some great people I'm looking forward to reaching out to from my Twitter post, but I wanted to be sure to cover all my bases by writing about this here as well!  So if you are living the veg life, I would love to share your thoughts and experiences here through a guest post or an interview!  Please e-mail me at c_writes@hotmail.com if you're interested!

In other news, I 'm so excited to report that I hit my 1,000 Twitter follower today!!  I'm also looking forward to sharing so many more exciting developments including the unveiling of veggin's website in the very near future!  So please stay tuned and I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hey Christa, congrats on the 1000 Twitter followers and on the great headline... got me to click!

    Love love love what you're doing here... I would be happy to do a guest post or an interview with you sometime.

    xo D.

  2. Hey Dawn,

    Thank you so much! Very exciting stuff! Yeah, I thought the headline would grab some attention...LOL!

    Thanks for the support and you know I would LOVE to have you..I'll email you directly with info!


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