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I am more than pleased to bring you Veggin's second guest blogger Aby Rhys! It is very exciting for me to be meeting new people from all over the world with different and fascinating stories to share regarding veganism.  I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  If you are inspired by these stories, please follow them on their blogs or Twitter to keep up with them!  Now, let's meet Aby!


Hello and Shalom! My name is Aby Rhys and I am a Singleton or unmarried. I am 55 years old. I am also Jewish belonging to a mainstream Jewish synagogue. My dietary journey has taken me many years to achieve.

Over 30 years ago, I played around with Vegetarianism while in college. It was a "thing" many of the students were doing and I wanted to try it. It wasn't a wholehearted attempt by any means. I was a stout girl. Correction. I was fat but not what I am now.

You would think that I would stay with eating veggies. My story has so many detours and paths. You can get more in-depth details at and I write under the name of "Battzi Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡". 

 Fast forward to 2009. My older brother is terribly ill. His Kidneys were failing, his Colon was almost gone, his Sugar Level was off the chart and his heart was bad. This was a man with 3 degrees. He worked very hard for his wealth. Yet, the rich foods, the sweets, the alcohol and fine wines, the cigars were killing him even as a younger man. When I and the rest of the family learned about this, the shock of it made me take a look at the way that I lived my life and ate.

After Hanukkah, I began to prepare for my 100-Day Veggie Challenge. Yes, I made it up. The starting date was set for 1 January 2010 and I was beyond excitement. I was a woman on a mission. Suffice it to say, the Challenge was a great success as I really did learn a lot about me during those 100 days. My mind was free, my body light, over 20lbs. lighter. What an experience. Did I keep it up? No. I gradually began to eat the same old way as before.

My albatross is SUGAR! I want to break this addiction so badly but I don't know how! Any ideas? Please let me know via Twitter or E-mail(addresses at the end of this post).

All the good I accomplished for my body was destroyed. I was at a low point. I was bloated, tired, depressed, fat, just a total mess. Passover/Pesach was coming and I needed, no, wanted to experience "coming out of Egypt". I decided to go Vegan. On the second day of Passover, 19 April, I began my Vegan journey and I am still on it. My "Come to Moses" moment was when I saw a picture of me. Passover was the time for and of my freedom. I took it and I haven't looked back! Judaism does look favourably upon Vegetarianism and that was/is good to know but our ancestors ate what the earth provided. My Dietary Rule is taken from the Torah: Genesis 1:29. It is so simple to follow. I once read this somewhere "If G-d made it, eat it. If Man made it, don't eat it." That's Genesis 1:29 in a nutshell.

My health is improving. I am losing the weight at a steady pace. I desire to lose 148 pounds! It took a bit for the weight to pack on and it'll take a bit for the weight to leave. Worried? No. You see, I went to the mountaintop with Moses, Our Teacher or Rabbi and I also saw my Promise Land of Health, being with my family/friends for however long G-d desires me to live, being a weight that is good for me. 11 pounds gone and a lot more to follow.

This Desert Trek is teaching me a lot of things even at 55. You know, you're never to old to learn or improve! Are you considering going Vegetarian or Vegan? Go for it! I send you my "Mazel Tov!" ahead of time.

L'Chaim!...To Life!
Aby Rhys
Twitter: @2_Lose_148

Thanks again Aby! :-) Please be sure to send her tips and further inspiration if you have some!