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I am so excited to introduce you to Pur Gum!  I was in the airport not too long ago and I really wanted some gum or mints and every single one I picked up had aspartame in it! I remember being so frustrated and disappointed, but alas, I walked out empty handed and just wasn't as!

In case you aren't aware, aspartame has been the subject of many controversies since it was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1974. I have read about the controversies and the many claims about the dangerous side effects of aspartame and choose to stay away from it, I ask that you please educate yourself on this if you haven't already in order to make an educated decision for yourself. 

Anyway, I recently discovered Pur Gum!  Pur Gum is not only aspartame free and vegan friendly,- it is also gluten free, sugar free, nut free and non-gmo!  Wow..right?!  The even greater thing I found is that it's not flavor free!  I have tried all three flavors which are peppermint, spearmint and pomengranate mint and they are all great and didn't feel like it was missing a thing.  It's all I expected out of a gum and what's even better is I could feel good about chewing it from a health standpoint.  I highly recommend pur gum for your chewing pleasure!

Pur Gum is available in over 2,000 locations across North American and you can look for it at health food stores such as Whole foods and Freshii.  For more information on how you can chew on this, check them out at !


  1. It does not contain aspartame! Awesome!

  2. You got it Julia! Duly noted and you have your entry!


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