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I'm very excited to introduce you to another guest blogger today!! I have sincere gratitude for all those who have shared, but this one is extra special because it's my sister!  My sister is a VERY private person, so for her to willingly do this for me really touches my heart.  Marcea is a special case because she wanted to do a vegetarian challenge because she wasn't ready to do a full vegan challenge yet, so I of course met her where she was.  It is of course my hope that one day she will go all the way, but I am SO happy and proud of her for taking the steps she has thus far.  Okay, let me stop before I say too much as she spells it all out for you.  Enjoy and please send her your support! I will keep you posted with her progress so please stay tuned!  Thank you SO much for sharing Marcea...I love you!

Marcea (left), family friend Myrna and our sister Shirl

Ok, so I am writing this blog with special privileges because the host blogger is my sister. I have permission to take baby steps. I attached this picture from Palm Springs because this type of environment always serves as inspiration for me to be healthy. Eat right, exercise, sleep...then reality slips in when its time to go home.

So, I approached my sister about helping me to convert because I was seeing how meat was beginning to affect my body and how I was feeling. I have to admit that I love dairy: milk, cheese, yogurt... I had already stopped eating pork and red meat and was just eating chicken and turkey sometimes. In addition, I eat some fish and tuna. I was at the point though, that I was eating so much chicken that I was about to turn into one. I mean, how many ways can you cook, serve, and eat chicken? It was a no brainer for me to call to Christa for her input. I was pretty much sick of what I was eating, so it wasn’t like I had to sacrifice that much. But we struggled with my milk consumption. She tried to convince me to try almond milk and some of those counterparts, but I told her I had to have 100% vitamin D milk. Christa met me half way, and then put a menu together for me. I was pleasantly surprised and was anxious to give it a try.

 I started kind of slow, because in addition to not being a vegan or even a vegetarian, I didn’t eat like I was supposed to. I am one of those people who eat because they have to, not because they want to. So I wanted to find a way to enjoy food and get into the preparation, you know the whole bit. While I stayed away from the meat, I still wasn’t eating right because I was still skipping meals. It took me a minute to try to be consistent, which is why it has taken me to this point to write this blog. I tried to find things I liked for breakfast, because that was my biggest challenge. I tried things like the kashi cereals, which are very tasty....with milk...sorry....I ate breakfast potatoes with eggs or waffles, and I even took a tasty to oatmeals and farina, yes, with butter. I told you....baby steps....

Lunch was a little easier. I made stuff like tuna macaroni salad, potato salads, cheese pizza. I even found a favorite with Olive Garden’s minestrone soup. Dinner was kind of the same, except I did salads, baked potatoes, fish, and vegetables. I found that I could enjoy what I was eating, and I wasn’t missing the meat.

Overall, I could see the benefits. I knew my body was feeling weird sometimes after I ate some meat. Even subconsciously, I was feeling out of sorts. I am pretty healthy; save the fact that I have a heart arrhythmia, which requires me to take it slow, eat right, and exercise. Wow, all the things I should be doing anyway, so I’m straight. Since I do need to be careful to keep myself healthy, this is a no brainer that this type of lifestyle works. I’ve even started drinking more water, and less soda. I know Christa loves this. Between the soda and the milk, she probably didn't know which one would take me out first. I enjoy my meals and I like how I feel after I’m done. I see how you can experiment, and ready Christa, I see how I can substitute some things to take more steps.

I’d like Christa, and you guys reading this, to count this as part one to my journey. I plan to submit updates to Christa, and hope she will share them with you. I don’t like taking pictures, but I may even be bold enough to do a video for her. How out of control am I? Well, I plan to continue my journey. My sister is the queen of health, and I want to be just like her when I grow up, (and I’m the oldest, go figure). Here’s to you Christa, and thanks for allowing me to share my “baby steps” with your audience.

Marcea O’Brien, Esq. is an attorney in Atlanta GA. She has her own business and juggles work with her family, especially keeping up with a teenage son. (who is Christa’s joy, LOL). Ms. O’Brien enjoys swimming, writing, and going to the park.


  1. Congrats Marcea!! Changing diets is not easy for everyone. Like you, when I began my vegan challenge, I often times found it easier to skip meals than to figure out how to prepare something differently. It's good that Christa gave you some recipes. All she gave me were some cucumber and olive seeds, a bag of dirt and wished me good luck.

    Keep taking baby steps. Giving up milk and soda were very easy for me but I'd find a way to cook chicken even if all I had were a magnifying glass and sunlight. I try to eat less now. I look forward to reading more of your progress.

    John Moody

  2. Hey there SV!- Yes, I'm still pushing through..I know you are as well! Thanks for checking in..!

  3. HAHAHAHA..Moody, you are ridiculous and NOT telling the truth! LOL! Thanks for supporting my sister and no thanks to your sarcasm! LOL!


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