Hey folks,

I'm in Vida Vegan Con fever!! It's been fabulous so far and I should already be in bed getting ready for tomorrow!  In any event, while strolling through downtown Portland today, mom (yes, my mom traveled from VA to attend the conference and see me speak) and I were looking to find something to eat and came across Cafe Yumm! and YUM it was!  This is a very casual place with some great food!  They are EXTREMELY vegan friendly as you will see on their menu. I could kick myself for not taking a picture of my plate, but it was fabulous!  I had the tofu skewers with brown rice and asian slaw...OH MY GOODNESS it was really good!  I also got snagged one of their vegan ginger cookies for dessert, so glad I did!

So, if you live in or visit Portland, this is one I would put on the list.  I give it two "yumms" up! :-)
Check 'em out!


  1. I haven't been there yet! Have you tried Hungry Tiger Too? Crazy delicious! So happy to meet you today!

  2. I had SO much fun meeting you and your mom! I hope she got her shopping on :)

  3. Hey JL..I missed the Hungry Tiger Too! I plan to come back to Portland really soon and hit all the places I wasn't able to get to. So awesome meeting you!:-)

  4. Hey Crissie--it was so much fun meeting you as well! Mom had fun on her own in the city. I look forward to keeping in touch!


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