Happy Friday folks!

I am beyond excited to introduce you to Veggin's 3rd  Seven Day Vegan Challenge Participant!  I am always looking for people to take the challenge, so contact me if you or someone you know is down to do it! Click here for all the details.  Now, without further adieu, here is Doris in her own words!

I am 44, married 23 years and a mother of 4, my children (25, 20, 7 & 5 years old) and my family inspires me to be a better me! My favorite label is "Mom"!

I work for a non profit association (NMEDA) as their Membership Coordinator. I truly love my job.

 I'm originally from Buffalo, NY and I still consider it home. I have lived in Tampa, FL for the past 14 years and what I love about FL is the weather and what I miss most about Buffalo is the snow at Christmas time.

  I enjoy Reading, Writing and Music. When I'm not working I'm home spending time with my little ones, they keep me young and on my toes. I also enjoy cooking at least 5 days a week. To me cooking is an expression of love and appreciation.

 I had the pleasure of meeting Christa over the phone on Sunday, Sept. 4. First off she is one of the most thoughtful, caring and considerate people I have ever met. Christa has given me a wealth of information but best of all she has truly inspired me to go full force on this journey of Veganism. I am so looking forward to eating a more natural, healthier diet. I have been interested in Veganism for years, but didn't know where to begin. I am grateful that our paths have crossed. I am truly excited and in the process am hoping to inspire my family to follow.

Thank you so much Doris for your kind works and I am thrilled that you have taken this step. Let the journey begin!  I will be posting her daily updates, so everyone please show Doris your support!


  1. I look forward to following you through your challenge!!


  2. Thanks for showing Doris support Moody!


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