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Happy Wednesday! First, yesterday was supposed to be Thrifty and Green Tuesday as usual, but was pushed back due to the holiday and preempted by my Vida Vegan Con coverage. It's the first time I have discussed veganism there and I'm discussing the environmental impacts of our dietary choices. 

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Now for today's final coverage piece of Vida Vegan Con, I am bringing you exclusive feedback from none other than my fabulous mom!  As I mentioned in the recaps, she came to support me and it was great having her be there and be so open-minded.  I asked her to write in her own words, her take on the conference as a non-vegan, so here we go!


It was a very positive and enjoyable experience attending the recent Vida Vegan Conference.  Since I'm not vegan, I did not know what to expect with regard to workshops or the food; however, I was pleasantly surprised at the knowledge gained and the delicious food choices for breakfast and lunch.

I must admit my main objective for attending was to support my daughter Christa, since she was one of the speakers.  However, meeting new people and learning about veganism exceeded my expectations.  Having learned so much has made me appreciate another lifestyle.

Consequently, I am willing to make some adjustments in my eating habits!! I can't promise I will become a vegan; however, I am more educated and extremely grateful I was afforded the opportunity to be among such an awesome group of people!

Thanks Mom, you're simply the best! Vida Vegan Con- changing one non-vegan mom at a time! ;-)


  1. Awesome! I'm so glad your mom is open minded about making some changes. :-) Who knows maybe she will be a vegan a year from now.

  2. Oh yea! Love the post from your mom. She was one of the highlights of my weekend :)

  3. Hey Ladies!!

    Thanks for all of your comments! I loved being able to post her thoughts and that she is so open minded and supportive!

    Thanks Crissie- she'll be so thrilled to hear that!

  4. Me and my mom sat beside you guys at the Travel panel. It was nice chatting with you. You were both so sweet. I'm glad your mom enjoyed the conference and Portland.

  5. Hello there EV! Yes! It was great sitting with you and your mother, you two were both sweet as well! Yes, she had a great time. Thanks for reading!

  6. Well Mom!!!! Only since you said it will I pay more attention to Christa's advice on my eating.... LOL!!!!!


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