Hey folks!

Happy Sunday to you! I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

I want to introduce you to my new sweet treat of the moment- candy bars from Go Max Go Foods!  I can't believe I even waited this long to blog about them!  I got my first taste of this candy goodness in a gift box I received and immediately fell in love.  I wouldn't say that I was ever huge on candy bars in my pre-vegan days, but I did have a few go-to favorites that I would indulge in occasionally.

These candy bars are so delicious and the one I have had a couple of times is the "Jokerz" variety and I picked up the "Twilight" variety last night to try.  Jokerz is similar to a Snickers bar and based on the label of "Twilight", I think I'll be tasting something similar to a Milky Way.  These bars certainly go the distance in delicious flavor and easily rival any non-vegan candy bar on the market.  So, if you're ever in the mood for some chocolate, Go Max Go Foods certainly has you covered!

For more information on their products and how you can satisfy your sweet tooth, check 'em out here!