Hey folks,

Happy Monday to you!  I know I have said more than once that I was done with my Vida Vegan Con wrap-ups, but I can't help myself! Every time I turn around, there is more great coverage of this fabulous weekend!  I wish each of you could have been there to witness and experience this wonderful conference with me in person.  So, since that is not the case, I want to share as many perspectives with you as possible!

Each person who attended and blogged about the event had a different way of doing so and it's really interesting to see everyone's take on the weekend.  Janessa, Jess and Michele, who organized the conference, wrote a thank-you post that includes some of the wrap-ups they have captured thus far.  So, please click on the link below to check out their thoughts (links to their individual wrap-ups are in the post as well) and links to some of my magnificent fellow bloggers!  I hope you enjoy!