Hey folks!

I've only been gone from blogging one day this week and I'm having severe separation anxiety!  I've been on the road for work and I had to cut myself a break yesterday, though it was very hard to do so.  I hate being away!  Anyway, if you have been following my tweets or facebook, I was desperately asking for help to find some good eating places in some remote and very rural areas of the south.  I didn't get any suggestions! LOL! The good thing is I've been doing this a while and know what I can make work at convenience stores. 

Yesterday, we left a very small town in Alabama where we stayed overnight to head to Macon, GA.  On the way we hit the jackpot and found an awesome restaurant called Thai House!  I had the spicy fried rice with brown rice and tofu and my colleague had the drunken noodles with vegetables with tofu.  We had to get our food to go because we were on a schedule, but if we had time I would have definitely enjoyed the very nice atmosphere and good service of Thai House.  They were very welcoming, the menu was extensive and reasonable and the food was delicious! So, if you ever find yourself in Dothan, AL, this is one to look up!  Sorry, I don't have any pictures, I was too hungry and excited to think to snap any! :-)

4177 Montgomery Highway, Ste 10
Dothan, AL 36303
(334) 699-2064