Hey folks!

Happy Sunday to you!  I was at Trader Joe's Friday night and came across another great find- Spicy Lentil Wraps!  I was so tired and aimless when I went in there the other night and could not decide what I wanted to have for dinner.  It was too late and I was too exhausted to think of cooking anything when I got home, so I went over to their prepared foods section to see if anything jumped out at me and the spicy lentil wraps did just that! 

I picked them up and saw that they were vegan so I decided to give them a try!  I'm so glad that I did because they were delicious. There were two healthy-sized wraps in the package, so I only ate one Friday and just had the other for lunch today.  I will definitely pick these up again, so if you see them at your local TJ's, I suggest you give them a try as well!