Happy Wednesday folks!

I'm in the middle of reading Brendan Brazier's new book Thrive Foods and it is fabulous so far!  It is so informative and it's full of great recipes as well.  I will be delivering a full review once I'm finished reading the book.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and try out one of his recipes today. I figured I didn't need to be finished with the book before delving into great recipes.  Don't you agree?  I have been on the move and working so much lately, I figured I would choose a pick-me-up recipe.  So, I made Brendan's Original Lemon-Lime Sports Drink.  Very simple and surprisingly tasty.  I say suprisingly because I'm not a huge fan of dates and that is one of the items needed to make the drink.

Brendan's Sports Drink all blended up!

Brendan mentions in the book that dates are high in glucose which enter the bloodstream immediately and the sugar from the coconut water (another ingredient) will enter the bloodstream more slowly, so the energy will be spread out over a longer period of time!    I've still got tons of stuff to do this afternoon and evening so we'll see how this works!  Based on what I've read so far and just now tried, I don't feel too premature in saying I would suggest you grab a copy of the book pronto!  I look forward to getting more into the book and trying more recipes soon-won't you join me?! :-)