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I was going through my Facebook feed and came across the following video that I found to be quite interesting. I'm curious to know your thoughts, let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm gonna sound like the bad guy here but I can definately answer the question. They do it to make money. That's what they're in business for. I'm usually not a proponent of big business but this one is simple. Parents may not decide what is marketed to their kids but they do decide what to buy for their children. No parent with good sense should thinks Kix has even a hint of a fruit peel in it.

    Pepsi and other companies donate money, equipment, and food products to schools and other children's events. It's nice that they do these things but there is an agenda: We donate money, food, or equipment, we get to look like the good guys and you may be more likely to buy our product and we get more exposure ie advertising at your event. I understand that. It's a simple trade off. If they cared about folks health, they'd go into business selling healthier food but they get a lot wealthier a lot more quickly selling junk to kids who dictate what their parents buy.

    Folks should stop blaming others because they can't say no to their children. Make sure they eat the right food and for heavens sake, make them go outside and move around.

    Parents should also tell educate their kids. Sure, my mom bought Frosted Flakes but she would always tell me how much sugar was in it and she made a point not to let me eat it all of the time. I understand marketing but for goodness sakes, have some influence over your own children.

  2. You are so right about this. I couldn't agree more. They will continue to market the things they do, but it's up to us as the consumers to make wise choices. Parents must take responsibilty for their own actions pertaining to what their kids consume. They are the ones buying the food, so the power is in their dollars ultimately.


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