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I know the title of today's post can be taken a number of ways right?  Well, in this case I'm referring to a very useful article from my friends over at Thrifty and Green!  Ronnie Kweller gives some awesome advice on how to increase your home energy efficiency!  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I still intend to share the great information provided over at T&G.  I want us to all be reminded of how paramount it is to be kind to the environment!

So, click on the link below and learn how to keep costs low this winter!


  1. I saw the title and couldn't help but think of the CFL bulbs I bought weeks ago. One of the bulbs is still sitting on the table not being energy efficient.

    J. Moody

  2. LOLOL! Too funny Moody- you better put it to use! :-)


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