Hey folks!

Happy Tuesday to you!  Are you counting down the days to the next holiday break like I am?  I can't wait! 

Well, today, my friend Moody shared the following link on my Veggin' Facebook page that I felt compelled to share here as well.  The article discusses how manufacturers turn moldy or mislabeled food into edible and profitable foods.  Unfortunately, there isn't much in the article that I find that surprising.  I feel that now more than ever we have to be extra diligent about our food choices.  There are so many practices happening these days in the the production of our food that are beyond alarming. There are many things we can't control, but it's best we equip ourselves with as much information we can in order to make the most educated choices.  It definitely makes you think twice about packaged foods for sure.  Yes, whole foods are susceptible as well, but things in packages seem to take things to a whole new level!

Take a look: