Hey folks!

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a grand start! Today's video was shot via my new iPhone! I'm so excited to have video capability on my phone now, so I look forward to sharing more little clips with you from time to time!

I came across another great find at Trader Joe's, their Super Spinach Salad! Check it out!

If you need a quick vocab lesson from the video, just click on the ingredient below:



  1. I love Trader Joe's Super Spinach Salad! Very nutritious and looks great with all the colorful ingredients, red tomatoes and cranberries, orange carrot shreds, and green lettuce and edamame. I've started making it myself at home, complete with a carrot ginger miso dressing that I make in my high-speed blender. It's great to have the salad available to grab and go at the store, but check out my recipe on my blog if you like for some time when you have time to make it yourself.

  2. Hi Mary! Yes, it is a great salad! Thanks so much for letting me know about your version, I'll have to head over and check it out!


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