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Happy Sunday to you! Today was the last day of the International Blogger Conference and I met some great people and received some very valuable information.  I will be doing a full recap in the next couple of days, so be sure to stay tuned for that!  In the meantime, I will bring you one tidbit from the conference.  On Friday evening, Sprinkles cupcakes was in the building and thank goodness they brought along some of their vegan goodness with them! 

I've been to Sprinkles before, so I was very happy to see their vegan red velvet cupcakes as one of the selections!  I was definitely outnumbered at this conference as it pertained to food choice, so I was looking for any vegan offering I could find!  I was a sucker for red velvet during my pre-vegan days, so to know there are countless alternatives out there is very good to know!  Sprinkles has several locations and their vegan cupcake is one to go for!  I always love it when non-vegan places have vegan options! So, click on the link below and see if there is one in your city!


  1. That conference sounds fun, and I have had Sprinkles vegan cupcake. It is divine.

  2. Hey there! Yes, it was cool! I'm glad I got a chance to go and yes the cupcake is yummy!

  3. It was great to meet you at the conference. I haven't had Sprinkles vegan cupcakes, but I did have a vegan red velvet cupcake from a place in the Valley called Lotus Thai (they contract out for baked goods)...It was delicious. I've also made vanilla vegan cupcakes that hit the spot. Lots of vegan baked goods are out there...

  4. Hey Chrystal!

    It was so great meeting you as well! I'll have to check out Lotus. I love Thai and I love cupcakes so that's a winning combo for! Thanks for the tip and yes there are plenty of vegan baked options out there!


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