Hey folks!

I can't believe it's already November and what's more exciting is that it's World Vegan Day!

In the UK in 1944, Donald Watson took the first and last letters of the word "vegetarian," and created the word "vegan" to indicate being vegetarian from beginning to end. This included not only not eating any animals, but simply not using animals for our human purposes.  Watson entered the word into the lexicon and also registered the first Vegan Society, in Britain, on November 1, 1944.

World Vegan Day, an annual holiday celebrating vegan living, is celebrated on November 1st each year.  This day is celebrated with festivals around the country and all around the world.

So, type "World Vegan Day" into your search engine and see how you can celebrate in your city! 

Click here for one guide to some events worldwide!  If nothing is happening in your city, have your own celebration with a yummy vegan cupcake! :-)