Hey folks,

You ready for Friday yet?  I hope your week is going splendidly!

I was reading through some veg headlines and came across some news that Native Foods is slated to open several new locations!  They are set to open up in Boulder, Newport Beach, San Diego and Santa Monica! Now, I know for those of you that don't live in these areas, this may not do anything but make you roll your eyes, but I gotta try to cover everything. :-)  I think it's important for all to know this news because it is so great to see and celebrate a wonderful vegan restaurant continuing to grow!  They are reported as having a 16% boost in their 2011 sales which contributed to this 2012 expansion! 

Native Foods also has locations in Portland and Chicago as well!  To get a full list of all locations, click here and to get a sneak peek at the fab menu, click here!  I happen to L-O-V-E their Nuevo Native Nachos!  If you live in or visit any of these spots, I highly recommend a visit!

Kudos and congrats to Native Foods!