Tofu Is Sexy..ask Zoe!

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I'm very excited to be featuring the first guest blogpost of 2012!  Please meet my fellow VegNews street teamer, Zoe and learn how she makes veganism sexy and fun!

Zoe and Squash!

My plant-based journey first took root back in high school with vegetarianism. I have always been an animal lover, but that connection came later. My first interest in vegetarianism came when I noticed my diet affected my moods. I battled with severe depression when I was younger, and found that by nixing meat and eating more veggies and grains, I felt a lot better. The more I learned about it, the happier I was with my choice. My senior year, I attended Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, and that led me into veganism—although the actual change didn’t take place until nearly 4 years later!

Since my switch to veganism, I have learned more and more about the way our dietary choices affect so much more than just our body—our planet and even our economy are affected! It’s powerful stuff, the things we put on our forks.

Now for the sexy part! I have always been pretty open about sex, and have a sense of humor like a 15 year old boy—sort of like that sassy friend in rom-com’s who is always half-drunk and making penis jokes about the waiter. My friends have always come to me with sex questions, and during my Junior year of college I started up a Sex Column in my campus newspaper with the idea of tackling some of the issues my friends brought to me on a regular basis. The column was a big hit, and as my senior year came to an end, I was bummed not to have the outlet anymore, so I started tossing around the idea of a blog. This was around the same time I officially went vegan, after flirting with it for a while. So, SexyTofu was born!

For me, sex and eating both meet primal needs for nourishment. They are both very basic, in terms of survival, yet so complex! Think about how many people have issues with both. Plus, eating to me is really sensual because of the way it consumes every sense, from touch to smell to taste—much like sex does. It’s always been difficult for me to explain the correlation because the connection came so naturally to me, so I hope that makes sense!

For me, the best part about SexyTofu—aside from the creative outlet—has been that I know I am
helping people, if only in a tiny way. I get emails from people with questions and sometimes I am really moved by it. Of course, I get the odd pervert in there every now and then, but mostly they are from people with legitimate concerns. I have started a back-and-forth correspondence, which has gone on for quite some time now, with a young woman who originally emailed me asking for sex toy recommendations. From there, we have talked through some inspiring stuff, from coming to terms with her sexuality to losing her virginity. it’s really cool to build relationships with readers. 

Also I am excited about my Fetish Friday posts, where I explore some different fetishes that most people outside of the fetish world don’t often hear about! 

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Thanks for sharing Zoe!  Everyone, be sure to head on over and check her out!


  1. That's a "trombetta" squash. It grows like mad and is pretty much indestructable. I've been growing it for over three seasons. Amazing stuff.

    Tastes like a cross between spaghetti squash fiborous texture and a firm zuke.

    Way cool to grow. Marvelous roasted, in soups, etc.

    FYI, Mark

  2. Hey Mark!

    Thanks so much for the lesson! I love learning new things. Thank you for reading and sharing! ;-)


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