"Celebrate Vegan" with Peppermint Bark!

Hey folks!

I hope your week is going fabulously so far! 

I was thinking this morning about how certain treats seem to be only relegated to certain times of the year.  Well, I'm going to be rebellious today and talk about the delicious peppermint bark that I made for my family on Christmas Eve and it was a hit!  I got the recipe from Dynise Balcavage's second cookbook "Celebrate Vegan", which you must run out to get as soon as possible!  Peppermint and chocolate happen to be one of my favorite combos so trying this was a no-brainer for me! 

So, why not ditch the chocolate covered strawberries and make some peppermint bark for yourself or your sweet this Valentine's Day?  C'mon, let's be rebels together shall we?!  Be sure to pick up a copy of the cookbook for some other scrumptious meals ideas for many other common and uncommon celebrations as well!

To see a full review I did of "Celebrate Vegan" and get Dynise's recipe for her Linzer cookies (another fab idea for Vday), be sure to read the latest issue of Thrifty and Green's digital magazine for free!  Get it here!


  1. funny!! just finished off the last of my *organic* peppermint candy canes...(no more till next Christmas) :( with some vegan choc chips (keep a handy supply in my freezer)... also one of my absolutely FAVORITE combos. mmmm...

    -- Suz :D

  2. Yes, I LOOOVE the choc and mint combo..yum!


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