Love, Peace and Soul!- My Commentary On the Passing of Don Cornelius

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take a little departure from the usual today to discuss something on my heart. As many of you already know, Don Cornelius was found dead in his home yesterday after an apparent suicide. This was very shocking news to say the least and it really made me reflect on some things. First, he leaves behind an incredible legacy of creating a television outlet where black culture was celebrated in a time where that wasn't happening. I remember watching Soul Train as a little girl on Saturday afternoons and marveling at all the performers and dancers. Even now, watching the clip below of Don Cornelius himself grooving down that line is so nostalgic.

Although he is not the first trailblazer or celebrity to come to a tragic end, I couldn't help but reflect on what makes someone feel that taking their own life is the only option upon hearing the news of his passing. I feel tragedies such as this only further highlight that it doesn't matter how much fame or fortune one acquires if the soul is not at ease.

I think it's crucially important that we all check in with ourselves frequently and really examine where we are spiritually. I think it's vital to take an honest assessment of our lives and make sure we are doing what we can to address any broken places or unhealed wounds so that they don't fester and come to light at the worst times. I feel we need an abundance of love and laughter daily to fill us up when times are difficult to help us through.

I just ask each of you to be gentle with yourselves and love yourselves fully. If you need help, ask for it. If you need a hug, give one. Mostly, don't live in fear. I know we all have moments when fear sneaks in, but it only has the power that you give it. Your life is precious and has meaning and you are needed on this earth. I pray that no matter how difficult times get, that you always remember that it's never too late and no situation needs to take you to the point of no return. Rest in peace to Mr. Don Cornelius and all others who felt there was no other way.

Always remember that you do have options even when you feel there aren't any. Keep your head up, keep pushing, keep believing and keep dreaming.

Just as Don Cornelius did, I wish you all love, peace and soul!




  1. thoughtfully and beautifully written, Christa. thanks for posting it. we all need reminders. hugs to you.

    -- Suz :D

  2. Hi Suz- thank you so much and hugs to you as well! Thanks for reading. :-)

  3. Hey Cuz,

    Just now seeing this, but yes - beautiful, thoughtful, inspirational words. And it was fun to be taken down memory lane by the video!


  4. Hi Donna!

    Thanks so much for your words and for reading! Yes, the clip is great! :-)


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