The Best Exercise Soundtrack!

Hey folks!

Hope your Monday is treating you well!  I am SO pumped that I received "The Workout" CD by Stic.Man of Dead Prez in the mail over the weekend!  I came across this CD while on Facebook and I started watching his videos on Youtube and got hooked! 

Talk about inspiration for your behind!! OH MY GOODNESS!  This music can sub for a workout partner anytime!  He really speaks true knowledge about the importance of learning about health and fitness (he is also vegan) over great beats.  It's a great CD for your body and mind and I just can't say enough or get enough of it!  This is a definite one to add to your music library, I'm so glad that it's now a part of mine! Be sure to also check out his website here!

In the words of the CD intro and outro- "let's get this workout in"!


  1. hmmmm ... so want to have a CD that, may I ask for a CD? .. hehehe

    1.'ll have to get this one on your own! Nice try! :-)


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