Herbivore Really Satisfies..

Hey folks,

Happy Monday to you!  I am getting ready to head back to Los Angeles in a few hours.  Although, I was fighting a cold throughout the weekend, I had a great time in San Francisco and believe we have covered just about every inch of this city!  We went on a three hour city tour on Saturday and did quite a bit of walking yesterday and took a trip to Alcatraz also.  No trip is complete, however, without hitting up at least one vegan restaurant and Herbivore is where we landed! 

My mother was here to attend a conference, so while she attended the last of her sessions, my sister and I took a trek to find Herbivore.  After a very long walk that ended in a cab ride, we finally arrived!  This was one of the spots that native vegans in the city recommended, so I had to oblige.  I am SO happy that I did! I had already gone online and decided what I wanted to eat before we arrived, so I was ready for my breakfast sampler!  This included one piece of french toast, tofu scramble and breakfast potatoes.  They definitely weren't stingy with their portions and the hot chocolate I got to drink didn't disappoint either.  My sister who is non-vegan but has recently decided to begin the transition, ventured out and even tried some tempeh bacon.  She was not a fan, but I was proud of her for trying since she is a notoriously finicky eater. ;-) 

I found the atmosphere to be very quaint and friendly and the tables are rather close so this does leave an open door for conversation with your neighbors which ended up happening with us and it was great!

They have a very extensive menu in general and I would love to visit them again the next time I come to San Francisco to try some of their other selections and I do recommend you do the same if you find yourself in the city.  They have two locations in the city and one in Berkeley as well.  Be sure to click here and check out the goods!