Introducing...A.N.D. Cafe!

Hey folks!

If you live in or plan to visit the Portland area, you have another place to give a try!  Portland is an extremely vegan friendly city that just keeps delivering the goods!  I was able to get some inside scoop on the background of A.N.D. Cafe which leaves me not being able to wait for my next trip to the Portland area!

Prior to opening A.N.D. Cafe, Ashley and Dan (A-N-D) owned and operated (and still do) Off The Griddle, a successful food cart serving vegan/vegetarian burgers/fries/soups/salads. They like to refer to the cafe as  a "micro-restaurant," (i.e. no full commercial kitchen, limited seating/storage space, etc.) it is nevertheless a sizable expansion from their 6'x10' food cart.

Vegan Chile Relleno and Hashbrown 'nests'
The most important result of this being a greater outlet for Ashley's creative spark and knack for turning whimsical ideas into truly delicious dishes. From burgers and fries they've been able to expand to waffles, a full breakfast menu, paninis, sandwiches, baked goods, vegan cocktails, espresso, and more.

It has also enabled them to expand their support of other local businesses, just as they and their patrons support them. They are very proud of the sense of community that comes with feeding people good food made with quality stuff which includes delicious bread from Fleur De Lis Bakery and LionHeart Kombucha to name a couple.

I'm sure you are now convinced to head over if you're in the area right?  Well, below are the details for their grand opening (which will also serve as their normal operating hours) and where to find them:


5420 East Burnside,
Portland, Oregon 97215

Wed, March 21 - Fri, March 23: 9am-7pm

Sat, March 24 - Sun, March 25: 9am-4pm

So, there you have it!  Head on over and give A.N.D. cafe a try!