A New Sweet Find!

Hey folks!

Happy Friday to you!  I just had to quickly share a sweet new find that I picked up from Trader Joe's today.  I wanted a little sweet treat for myself and as I was browsing, I came across TJ's soft-baked snickerdoodles and they are vegan!

They are small bite-sized chewy cookies dusted with cinnamon.  They are also free of the eight common allergens; gluten, wheat, milk, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs or soy!  How about that?!  I can gladly say they are not free of taste!  I would definitely recommend giving these little babies a try if you see them at your local Trader Joes'!

I'm headed to San Francisco tomorrow!  I hope you all have a great weekend!

P.S. Click here to check out the Veggin' Vitamin page because I uploaded some new inspirational video there as well!


  1. nice! are they comparable to enjoy life's snickerdoodles? (http://www.enjoylifefoods.com/soft-baked-cookies/snickerdoodle/)
    i haven't been to trader joe's in a super long time. are they selling more organic products yet?

    1. Hey there! I've never had the enjoy life brand, so I don't know! It looks like I'll have to find out. :-) As for the organic products, I see mostly the organic produce there.


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