Pink Slime In School Lunches?

Meet your meat
Hey folks,

I don't know why I'm ever surprised by anything these days.  Apparently meat treated with ammonium hydroxide has finally been shunned by several fast food chains, but the government thinks it's fine to feed it to children at school.  When will the madness stop?!  I get the side eye from some people when I tell them that if I have children, I plan to raise them on a vegan diet, but feeding children ammonia treated meat is the norm?  I sincerely hope the growing public outcry against this nonsense takes affect and an end is put to the distribution of this meat.  I suppose it's not bad enough our children are suffering from obesity and diabetes at alarming proportions, but the government only continues to fuel the fire by approving harmful meat products to be served in school cafeterias.

Take a look at the following article from the Huffington Post for more information and I just pray that more parents are packing lunches for their children, vegan or not!


  1. I don't want any pink slime in my food, either!

    I went to public school from elementary to high school, and my mother either packed me a lunch or gave me a vegetarian Subway sub during that time. I probably ate something vegetarian from a school lunch about 2 or three times during that period, so I definitely don't think it's weird not to eat pink slime.



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