Happy Earth Day

Hey folks!

Happy Earth Day!  While it's wonderful to have a day dedicated to reflecting on what we can each do to help save the earth, we need to be mindful daily about the choices we make that affect the environment for better or for worse.

Earthday.org has some wonderful information and ways you can become active in saving our planet.  They have several campaigns in which you can become involved and take action, which you can check out here.

If  you're wondering if anything is going on in your city to get your green thumb motivated, check out this feature on The Huffington Post which lists events going on around the world!

Also be sure to check out my favorite site for all things green (if you've been reading this blog for a while, you will already know this)  Thrifty and Green!  They always have great information you can use to be environmentally conscious. 

Finally, I strongly encourage you to click here to read a great article from Vegan Outreach about how veganism is not only a great choice for health but for the environment as well.

Let's strive to take earth day from being an annual event to a daily event! Go green!