A Vegan Easter!

Hey folks!

Happy Friday to you!  Well, today is Good Friday and Easter is Sunday, so of course I had to do some digging to find you some ideas for your holiday celebration if you're partaking!

Click here to check out the feature from VegNews for this wonderful stuffed mushroom recipe that is a great spring appetizer that would look beautiful on your dinner table this weekend or anytime for that matter!

For those of you with children, ehow, has some great alternative ideas to the Easter egg hunt!  All of the ideas are original and are cruelty-free, no real eggs needed! Click here for those goods! 

I would also suggest, that instead of the traditional Easter basket filled with candy, to make a fun fruit basket for the kids and include other trinkets and games in there.  It doesn't have to be all about the traditional sweet confections we're used to seeing for kids. I encourage you to think healthfully and creatively!  However, if you do want to include a few sweets, there are plenty of vegan varieties that you can choose from- just be sure to read the labels and don't go overboard! We just learned about sugar in moderation the other day. ;-)

However you choose to celebrate or what you choose to create or make, I hope you have a joyful weekend!