Keep It Simple Stupid!

Hey folks!

Before you go getting all offended, I am of course not calling you stupid! I'm hoping most of you have heard the expression before. :-)  In any event, I decided to title today's post this way because I'm talking about keeping things simple in the kitchen from time to time. 

Most of us live very busy lives and preparing a delicious at-home vegan meal should NOT be stressful.  This is a pasta dish that I oftentimes throw together in a pinch and I usually make enough to last a few days.  As I always say, if you find one pot meal recipes that you like that you can portion out over a few days or even freeze, it's a HUGE time saver.  If you've been following the blog for a while you know that when it comes to my meals I'm more about the method than I am about breaking down all the measurements. 

Method:  All this dish requires is a past of your choice (whole wheat, penne, linguine, gluten-free, etc.) basically whatever floats your boat.  Then I saute up a yellow onion and broccoli on the stove, or I will sometimes roast the broccoli in the oven, depending on the time factor.  Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package and then when the pasta and veggies are done, I combine everything together in a big pot by pouring the veggies on top of the pasta and then stir it all up! 

Now, you can add a pasta sauce of your choice, but in this case, I use Earth Balance spread, garlic powder, sea salt and pepper to taste and that replaces the sauce for me.  I just make sure everything is well combined and thoroughly seasoned and voila, an easy and yummy pasta!  I will sometimes add some fresh tomato in the pasta as well as pictured above.  Basically, you can use any veggies your heart desires, this is just my usual combo.  So, you can be a vegan in Italy any night of the week and without the stress- it doesn't get any simpler than this, does it stupid? :-)