Rising to the Top!

Me at Runyon Canyon
Hey folks!

I hope your week started off with a bang!  As I may have already mentioned here, one outdoor activity I happen to really enjoy is hiking.  It can be especially grueling depending on where you go, but it's really worth it.  Los Angeles has some phenomenal hiking trails with breathtaking views so that makes it rewarding as well.

I am a really huge advocate of finding a physical activity you really enjoy doing in order to stay motivated and consistent.  I tackled a new trail this past Saturday with my friend DW.  I came to later find out from my frequent hiking buddy Moody that what we hiked is called "commando" -  and I have no questions as to why! :-)  I really did feel great and accomplished afterwards.  So, find something you like doing and do it!  Keep that body moving! Check out more pics from my Saturday hike below!